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Security, Alarms and Protection Systems for Homes & Businesses

Home is meant to be where you feel safe and with an Elite Intruder Alarm fitted that’s what we will provide, whether it’s going to your work, nights out, holidays or even bed you will rest easy knowing your home is secure. Often you hear home alarms sounding out, but no one pays attention to them, wasted money. We ensure to make your alarm communicate with you via your phone line or app on your smart phone, even if you don’t have a phone line it’s all still possible to make them communicate to your phone notifying the alarm has been activated, leaving you able to respond quick enough to deter the intruder.

With our Intruder Alarms packages we can offer you options such as wired Alarms, wireless Alarms, App controlled Alarms, and we aim to provide you with the latest technology for what’s best suited for your needs.

We also offer alarm maintenance, even to another installers device.

Customer service is what we pride ourselves on!


Business Alarms

Your business is too important to allow intruders enter your business allowing arsonists, theft and damage to be carried out. We can offer a way to secure your business with the Elite business package.

We have a number of systems to suit your business, with the added advantage of being monitored by a monitoring station to ensure a fast reaction time to avoid any disruption to your business. We can supply alarm response to avoid you the client having to get out of bed in the early hours of the morning.

We offer yearly maintenance packages at low costs, which avoids being stuck in 5 year contacts at high costs to you.

Vulnerable adults Alarm System

With the rise in illnesses such as dementia and greater life expectancy, our loved ones become more vulnerable to sickening crimes from scam call callers, easy prey of a burglar, simply worrying whether or not they took their medication or had a simple fall. We have the perfect system to help relax you, the carer and you can be assured your loved ones are safe in their own home. Our latest system can allow you to check up on them live, schedule alerts should they not have taken their medication, receive alerts should a door be opened, providing you with photos and videos all to your smart phone.

For more information on this product, please contact us or call into our showroom for a demonstration.

Alarm Response

Alarm Monitoring

Support 24/7/365

Business monitoring to keep one step ahead
Self-Monitoring for peace of mind
Agility 3 Alarm System
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