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We specialise in facilities management that focuses on our cleaning services and security. We can help you save costs when you utilise our combined services. Facilities management contributes to your building or property’s ultimate customer and user experience. 

Whether you’re looking for grounds maintenance or emergency lighting, we can help you today. Our Dublin or Belfast team of hand picked professionals can create an ever growing environment of care and professionalism. When looking for soft or hard facilities management, consider approaching the one team that can give you both in a straightforward package. 

In additional to our many accreditations, we are also Construction Online members for procurement and health and safety.


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ISO 9001

Our ISO accreditation is based on business management principles to ensure that we are both providing customers with the very best care and that we are also striving to improve every step along the way.

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Construction Online

We are also accredited for procurement as well as our other services. In order to help facilitate supply lines and more, we can offer you our standard practice for facilities management.

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PSA Licence

The Private Security Authority works to maintain security standards and protect the public from fraud and exploitation. With our PSA licence, we can keep up regular maintenance of all of your alarm systems, including fire.

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NSI Systems Silver

Elite Services has achieved accreditation from the National Security Inspectorate, an approvals and certification body for home security, fire alarms, and business security. We can therefore meet police standards with our security services.

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SSIP Health & Safety

An important accreditation of Elite Services is SSIP or Safety Schemes in Procurement. With this accreditation, we can help reduce the costs and bureaucratic red tape dealing with Health & Safety regulations.

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What Is Hard Facilities Management?

Facilities management comprises a few services or tools that affect the overall business, from structural considerations to user experiences. These are usually broken up into two different groups: ‘hard facilities management’, which usually includes property maintenance and upkeep, or ‘soft facilities management’, which affects how the customer interacts with your brick and mortar business. 

Security is a large part of soft facilities management, as is catering and grounds maintenance. You want to ensure that your customers or employees feel safe and secure in their surroundings.

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Building & Grounds Maintenance

We can provide a level of ground and building maintenance. If you’re looking for someone to help you with the administration of contract work, speak with us today.

Asset labelling can help you in soft facilities management, especially if you are a company that works with hardware. Frequently asset labelling is used for IT purposes to keep up regular maintenance.

Keeping an average ambient temperature in workplaces and commercial buildings helps many feel welcomed and comfortable. Speak with our Dublin or Belfast team about heating and ventilation maintenance so that you never have to worry about it in peak seasons.

Make it easy on yourself by hiring Elite Services to sustain safety standards. Ensure that you’re keeping up a high standard for health and safety. Our SSIP accreditation can help you address health & safety standards.

Our Belfast team will be able to help you assess the fire maintenance and emergency lighting of your property so that your building maintains NI fire regulation standards.

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What Is Soft Facilities Management?

You also want to ensure that your customers and employees can easily use your property. That’s where hard facilities management comes in. This involves managing heating and cooling, health and safety, emergency lighting and fire maintenance to keep your building compliant with Fire Safety Regulations. 

Read more about the various other services that we offer. 

Soft Facilities Management

Catering & Vending

Food procurement is often an important aspect of facilities management. If you’re looking for catering or vending in your building or property, get in touch to speak with our Dublin or Belfast team.

We can offer car parking services as part of our soft facilities management. Let us know if you’re looking for this service to help expedite the commuter experience

We will not only help you with bin collection, but we will also make sure that all of the waste in your building is disposed of properly.

Often our clients need help with large influxes of post. We can help sort and deliver post to the appropriate persons.

We provide light landscaping services so your business or property looks clean, neat and attractive throughout the year. Our Dublin or Belfast team can provide services throughout Northern Ireland.

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Property Management: Big and Small

We work on commercial and large residential properties. If you are looking for someone to help you with the day to day management of your property, call us. It’s easy to see why clients choose Elite for our facilities management services throughout Northern Ireland.

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