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Access control is a large part of securing the premises of your business. It helps to restrict movement to certified personnel, employees or users. With proper access control, you can direct traffic flows in your building to the appropriate channels, guiding users and personnel through.

We install Paxton systems, Hikvision and GDS Systems as well as many more brands, which provide different systems for residential and commercial buildings. So whatever the size of your building, we’ll be able to offer you the best system for your needs. Speak with our Belfast team about the most complimentary system for your building.

In conjunction with our service specific accreditations, we are also a member of NSI as well as, Construction Online for procurement and health and safety.

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PSA Licence

Our PSA licence means we’re accredited to install and access control panels in both commercial and residential buildings. We use access control as part of our other security services, so speak with our Belfast or Dublin team today.

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Information Commissioner’s Office

The Information Commissioner’s Office has accredited us to keep the best practices and highest data collection and holding standards. We believe in protecting your data and helping you protect your clients’ data.


ISO 9001

We are dedicated to learning more and improving our customer service practices. Whether meeting the latest service standards or gaining new skills, our team is ready to meet your needs wherever you are in Northern Ireland.

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Access Control Systems

Access Control offers the ultimate access control system within a single unified system. Since it can integrate with third party IP CCTV cameras, you don’t have to worry about spending more money.

We often recommend the Paxton 10 system to schools, offices and healthcare facilities. This system can accommodate up to 1000 cameras and 1000 doors. Furthermore, it can be fully integrated into current operating systems for fire and intruder alarms.

With unique features like Bluetooth tokens, or ‘Smart Credentials’, administrators can give tokens virtually, which can be used with smartwatches or phones. Wireless door handles also provide additional security features without the ability to open.

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Standalone Systems

Standalone access control works best for small businesses or homes that only need to monitor a few doors. PINs or tokens are configured to each door. If you’re looking to monitor just a few doors, like the office of a restaurant, for example, standalone access control systems are perfect for you.

Key Features

Combined Control Systems

With the Paxton 10 system, you can have one fully integrated system for camera use and access control instead of having two different systems.

Most access control systems use PINs or have tokens that can be configured to the user, providing different levels of security clearance. Tokens, like cards or key fobs, can easily be reconfigured or cancelled if lost or stolen.

Furthermore, our advanced Paxton 10 system Smart Credentials mean that users can easily access tokens from phones and watches, so they never leave them at home.

Wireless door handles create greater access control without keyholes. Both the Paxton 10 and the Net 2 access control systems can easily incorporate wireless door handles. This is especially important for areas with sensitive information.

Now it’s easier than ever to monitor door entry with apps. The app integration is both easy to use and offers an organic interface.

In the past few years, we’ve seen a rise in contactless technology. Readers are the perfect way to reduce touch points in your facility, which can be especially important in clinical environments.

Keep in mind that keypads are an easy to use system with long-established usage in the industry. Users won’t get confused with tokens or new technology.

Depending on your system, we can log on to your system remotely. Systems can also be coordinated across multiple sites and accommodate up to 50,000 users.

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Net 2 Access Control

The Net 2 access control panel is operated via computer. This is the perfect system for schools, offices, hospitals and other facilities that need to provide different permission systems to different groups or individuals.

The key difference between the Net 2 and Paxton 10 systems is that Net 2 comes automatically with software that can be installed on multiple PCs. Additionally, it comes with user image verification, different operator levels, the ability to view events in real time and more!

With the Net 2 Access control, you can control multiple doors, and integrate your CCTV system, all with an energy saving system. Furthermore, with app use, you can monitor door entry.

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